Benefits and Features of Saga’s Over 50 Life Insurance Cover

saga life insurance photoIndividuals over the age of 50 have many concerns when it comes to researching and applying for life insurance. Many insurance companies take lifestyle and health factors into account when considering applicants – overall health, pre-existing medical conditions and age all play a large role in acceptance and premium price.

Older people are wary of answering these types of health related questions in fear that they will not qualify for the coverage they need. Saga, however, offers a Guaranteed Life Insurance policy that specifically targets those policy seekers over the age of 50.

Saga Offers Competitive Benefits for Over 50 Life Insurance

Saga’s Guaranteed Life Insurance offers many benefits and features that can help comfort some of the concerns that older individuals may have about applying for and obtaining life insurance.

The most impactful of these benefits is guaranteed acceptance, something that is not offered by many life insurance companies – individuals between the ages of 50 and 80 are guaranteed acceptance and coverage without having to answer any health related question or provide a recent medical examination. This helps to ease the stress for older policy seekers, especially those with pre-existing conditions.

Another important benefit that Saga offers with its Guaranteed Life Insurance policy is fixed premium payments and fixed coverage for life. Policy holders are able to choose their payment preference when applying for coverage and when this is approved, Saga pledges that these payments will never increase at any time. Along with payments that never increase, this plan also offers coverage that will never decrease based on health status or increasing age.

Better yet, the policy holder’s 90th birthday marks the end of any and all premium payments and coverage that will continue until the end of their life. It is features like these that make this policy a great choice for older individuals.

Other Forms of Support through Saga’s Over 50 Insurance Plan

Guaranteed acceptance, fixed coverage, and premiums that never increase are only the start of the benefits offered by Saga through its Guaranteed Life Insurance plan. Saga also offers other forms of care and support to help benefit policy holders and their families, outside of general life insurance coverage.

This care includes serious illness support for policy holders and bereavement care for family members. Both of these are free and confidential for policy holders and their loved ones. This shows that Saga is invested in providing support for families, both during their time of need and every day.

Saga’s Funeral Benefit Option is also available through its Over 50 Life Insurance plan. This benefit is worth considering based on the increasing and shocking costs of funeral and burial services alone. Saga’s Funeral Benefit option helps to offset these costs and lessen the financial burden on surviving loved ones.

This option not only covers financial assistance but also planning assistance for family members involved coordinating burial services by partnering with Golden Charter, the largest funeral services source in the United Kingdom. Choosing a life insurance policy and making sure all your and your family’s needs are met can be a confusing and stressful task.

Though many older individuals may feel there are no policies out there to fit their specific health or budget needs, Saga’s Over 50 Life Insurance plan has already taken these concerns into consideration and developed an affordable comprehensive life insurance policy for those over the age of 50.

This plan offers a range of benefits to fit anyone’s needs and guaranteed acceptance with no health questions makes Saga’s Guaranteed Life Insurance a great option to consider.