Mortgage Life Insurance Quotes

mortgage life insurance photoTo get quotes for mortgage life insurance, complete a single online form and let our quoting engine scan the market to find the best premium quotes available.

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The Best Advice Regarding Life Insurance

The Internet makes it simple to compare quotes for mortgage life insurance.

However, it does not help you understand the differences between plans offered by different providers. Our independent advisors will help you identify the best policy at the lowest price.

Our experts learn about your needs and financial restrictions and use this information to identify the most suitable provider.

They also consider other factors including health, occupation, and lifestyle, which can affect plan premiums.

Details about Decreasing Mortgage Life Insurance Cover

Mortgage life insurance is term insurance that repays your mortgage if you die during the policy term. You can establish the annual interest rate at which the assured sum decreases, typically ranging from 8 to 12 percent.

If you remain current with monthly payments, the decreasing term assurance provider may guarantee repayment of the mortgage balance.

Details about Level Mortgage Life Insurance Cover

Level mortgage life insurance is designed for an interest only mortgage, whose balance does not decrease during the policy term. The assured sum stays level for the policy term and if you die during this term, a lump sum is issued for mortgage repayment.

Mortgage Decreasing Life Insurance with Critical Illness Cover

Most providers of mortgage life insurance permit the addition of critical illness cover to a policy. This applies if you develop a qualifying critical illness, paying out the assured sum to repay the mortgage balance. Since this cover is part of a decreasing term insurance policy, the mortgage guarantee applies and you may set the annual interest rate of reduction for the assured sum.

In its key facts document, an insurance company specifies the critical illnesses that qualify for a lump sum payout. Illnesses and their definitions may vary from one insurance company to the next but typically include:

• stroke

• heart attack

• coronary bypass

• kidney failure

• some types of cancer

Providers of Decreasing Life Insurance

These companies provide decreasing mortgage life insurance quotes through the Genesage Life Insurance online quoting system:

AEGON Scottish EquitableMortgage Protection
AEGON Scottish EquitableSimply Decreasing Life Insurance
AgeasDecreasing Life Protection
AvivaMortgage Life Insurance (Electronic)
AvivaSimplified Mortgage Life Cover (Electronic)
AXA now part of Friends LifeDecreasing Life Protection
Bright GreyMortgage Protection from Bright Grey
Bupa now part of Friends LifeCritical Illness & Term (Mortgage Protection)
Bupa now part of Friends LifeCIC Term with Life (Mortgage Protection)
Bupa now part of Friends LifeLife Mortgage Protection Plan
Friends Life eSelect Mortgage Cover
Legal & GeneralDecreasing (Term + CIC) - Electronic
Legal & GeneralMortgage Decreasing CIC - Electronic
LV=FPP Online (with free Healthy Steps)
PruProtectPruProtect Essentials Plan
PruProtectPruProtect Plan
Royal LiverMortgage Life Protection
Scottish ProvidentSelf Assurance Mortgage Life Cover
UnumElixia Full
UnumElixia Split
ZurichDecreasing Mortgage Cover (Gtd) - Electronic
ZurichDecreasing Mortgage Cover (Rev) - Electronic