Over 50s Life Insurance Cover & Quotes Engine

To get quotes for over 50s life insurance cover, complete a single online form and let our quoting engine scan the market to find the best premium quotes available.

We send a summary of these quotes to you via email to make it easier for you to find the best policy.

The Best Advice Regarding Over 50s Life Cover

The Internet makes it simple to compare quotes for over 50s life insurance cover.

However, it does not help you understand the differences between plans offered by different providers.

over 50 life cover photoOur independent advisors will help you identify the best policy at the lowest price.

Our experts learn about your needs and financial restrictions and use this information to identify the most suitable provider.

They also consider other factors including occupation, and lifestyle, which can affect plan premiums.

Details about Over 50s Life Insurance

Most people consider life insurance a necessity. With an over 50s life plan, you receive instant life insurance cover without the need for medicals or blood tests. There is no underwriting involved and each applicant is guaranteed cover.

This life insurance provides a lump sum to your beneficiaries upon your death.

Premium amounts are based on age, gender, smoking status, and desired cover amount. Monthly premiums will not increase and the level of cover will not decrease. You must be between age 50 and 75 to apply.

Simply decide how much cover you need or determine how much you would like your monthly premiums to be. We will handle the process from there.

As long as your monthly premiums continue to be paid, this policy will remain in effect until you die. If you pass away due to an accident during the initial two years of cover, the policy will be paid out in full.

The comprehensive life insurance cover begins after the second year of the policy. However, if you die due to natural causes during the initial two years of cover, we will provide all premiums paid to your beneficiaries.