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The Best Advice Regarding Family Income Benefit Insurance

family income benefit insuranceThe Internet makes it simple to compare quotes for family income benefit insurance cover.

However, it does not help you understand the differences between plans offered by different providers.

Our independent advisors will help you identify the best policy at the lowest price. Our experts learn about your needs and financial restrictions and use this information to identify the most suitable provider.

They also consider other factors including health, occupation, and lifestyle, which can affect plan premiums.

Details about Family Income Benefit Insurance

Family income benefit insurance is one type of term life insurance. While a traditional term insurance policy pays a lump sum upon death, family income benefit insurance provides regular payments to beneficiaries.

The benefit may be determined when the policy is taken and you may set it to increase in accordance with inflation, protecting its value in real terms. It should reflect the amount necessary to protect beneficiaries should your income become unavailable to them due to your death. Beneficiaries will receive this income tax-free.

Some providers offer critical illness cover with a family income benefit insurance policy. This provides you with protection should you experience a major illness.

Family income benefit insurance featuring critical illness cover pays regular income upon diagnosis of a critical illness or death during the term of the policy. Covered illnesses vary from one insurance company to the next.

These illnesses are explained in the key facts document provided by the insurance company offering the cover. This document is available in the More Information area of our online quoting system.

Providers of Family Income Benefit Insurance

These companies provide family income benefit insurance quotes through the Genesage Life Insurance online quoting system:

AEGON Scottish EquitablePersonal Protection Family Income Benefit
Bright GreyFamily Protection from Bright Grey
BupaCIC with Life Family Income Benefit
BupaLife Family Income Benefit
FortisFamily Income Benefit
Legal & GeneralFamily Life Cover (CIC only) - Electronic
Legal & GeneralFamily Life Insurance(Life + CIC) - Electronic
Legal & GeneralFamily Income Benefit (Life only) - Electronic
Royal LiverFamily Income Protection
Scottish ProvidentSelf Assurance Family Personal Income Cover